Wasabi Japanese Horeseradish/Green Mustard

Wasabi - Japanese Horeseradish/Green Mustard
Wasabi - Japanese Horeseradish/Green Mustard
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Product Description

Part of the entire Sushi dining experience and enjoyment, for many, is that wonderful blast of spice from Wasabi (or Japanese Horseradish) blended with all the distinct flavors of fresh Sushi. Wasabi, also known by many as Japanese "Green Mustard", is typically served as a relish or condiment on the side. A dab of Wasabi is often an added ingredient to each piece of Sushi, and may also be blended with your dipping soy sauce for a potent flavor that will be sure to clear your sinus!

We bring you S&B brand prepared Wasabi in a ready to use 3.17 oz (90g) "Family Size" tube, which is a product imported from Japan. Wasabi must be kept refrigerated after opening and may be used with many different recipes. Please Email us if you are interested in a larger "Family Size" tube. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!

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