Aircraft, Ship and Specialty Desktop Display Models

Aircraft, Ship & Specialty Desktop Display Models
We are very proud to be working with one of the largest and most reliable Manufacturer/Importers of Quality Mahogany Display Models. Here you will find a fantastic selection of The World's Finest Handcrafted Mahogany Museum Quality Display Models available! Please browse the variety of Handmade Models of Airplanes, Helicopters, Ships, Boats, Sail Boats and Space vehicles! Please click on any link below for a closer look and for a brief video showing how these models are made!

Travel Agency Style Desktop Airline Models
Browse a variety of civilian model airplanes and other scale model aircraft. If you are looking for the perfect model plane for yourself or to give as a gift, here is a large selection of mahogany wooden airplane models. Part of our civilian fleet is a selection of commercial aircraft models from the likes of America West, Air France, Lufthansa and more. Other civilian aircraft model airplanes in our collection include scale models of Beech, Boeing, Cessna, DC-3, Douglas and more. Also view a selection of personal aircraft models. Here are museum-quality scale models of civilian aircraft of a wide variety, many of which will remind you of your great love of flight, special moments in your aviation career and great events in aeronautical history.
US Military Jet Aircraft Models ( 1946 - Present )
Jet models of airplanes from the A-10 Thunderbolt to the T-38 Talon and every jet airplane in between can be found under this section. For models of military jet airplanes, you've come to the right place. Buy one of these scale model jet airplanes to commemorate your service or honor the service of someone else. Hours of fine craftsmanship go into each one of these exquisite wood aircraft models. Not a detail is left out! These mahogany wood airplane models will refresh long dormant memories for those who have served in the military and admired these birds up close. These jet airplane models cover every branch of service from the Army to the Navy. We're very proud of this large selection of Air Force fighter jet models.
Military & Civilian Helicopter Desktop Display Models
One of the most popular type of model aircraft here is a hot collection of model helicopters. Browse a wide selection of military helicopter models to choose from, including Apache, Blackhawk, Huey and Chinook helicopter models. Browse this selection of custom scale models with their historical notes to get some background on the lives lived by these helicopters. These detailed wooden helicopter models hold the kind of power that will inspire you to share stories of times gone by. Everyone will admire the skillful craftsmanship that went into your military helicopter model created by expert artists. They are more than just scale models-our scale model helicopters are conversation pieces. Some consider our model helicopters to be "important historical artifacts," while others consider them to be important reminders of proud moments in their service. Either way, they are truly impressive pieces of model aircraft.
Foreign Military Aircraft Models, All Nations ( 1903 - Present )
Fans of history and the battles and wars that shaped it will love this variety of available military aircraft models. Here are high-quality World War 1 airplane models, World War 2 model airplanes and other foreign military aircraft models. If you're a fan and collector of aircraft, check out the selection of vintage model airplanes in this section. For war models from Japan to Italy, you've come to the right place. These jet models bring back memories and commemorate historical moments in a way that only scale models can do. Skilled craftsmen create them in a very detailed and extremely realistic manner to make something that is not only a piece of art, but that takes you back in time.
Space Shuttle, Star Trek Enterprise, and NASA Space Craft Models
In addition a vast array of historically accurate war planes, boats and sailing vessels, through our association we also offer a variety of space craft such as a model Space Shuttle, Star Trek model and other space models. Here you will find fictional spaceship models like the Star Trek Enterprise model, but also models of the very non-fiction NASA spaceships. This large NASA model selection includes spacecraft like the Apollo and Saturn models. Just think of the beauty of an Apollo space model on display in your home or office! You'll find the Apollo capsule command module or other spacecraft models for the fan of spaceflight to choose from. Check out the Saturn V model, the Space Shuttle Discovery or the Scaled Composites Space Ship One. The Saturn 5 model is a big favorite, as is the Star Trek Enterprise model.
Ocean Liner, Military Ship and Boat Models From Around the World
We can offer more than just models of aircraft-we also have a variety of ship models of every kind of sailing vessel from historical sailing ships to aircraft carriers and submarines. Here you will find a ship model of "Old Ironsides" along with a model of the USS Arizona battleship. Enjoy browsing this selection of model boats like the civilian Titanic as well as some of our nation's finest military might such as the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 Aircraft carrier. These boat models come mounted on a solid wood base and boast some of the finest craftsmanship money can buy. The precision model boat craftsmen work tirelessly on the finest details of your model. Each creation offers truly amazing quality that will have you admiring your boat model every time you lay eyes on it. Here are models that you can treasure. You'll want to display your ship model with pride for everyone to see!
Specialty Plaques, Seals and Logos
Now you can immortalize your military emblems and logos with a specially designed seal or plaque. These handsome, stand-out military wall plaques will surely look impressive wherever you hang them. In addition, here is a wide variety of military insignia plaques from the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, NASA, the Army and the Navy. In addition to an armed forces logo, your military plaque could bear the seal of the Department of Defense or Office of the Vice President. We also carry commemorative armed forces plaques if you're a history buff and unique State Seal Plaques representing many states in the United States of America.

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