Super Absorbent Microfiber 27" by 20" Shammy 3-Pack!

Super Absorbent Microfiber 27" by  20"  Shammy 3-Pack!
Super Absorbent Microfiber 27" by 20" Shammy 3-Pack!
Item# SC-121
These Shammies are sold by others for up to a single price each of $9.95
Our Special 3-pack Price: $14.95
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Product Description

This Large 27" by 20" Super Absorbent "CHAMMY" Shammy Cloth is made with modern microfiber materials can lift almost any liquid from any surface. Durable, washable, and reuseable, this cleaning cloth has 100's of uses!

  • CARS/VEHICLES -Clean your Automobile, Boat, RV, Camper, Jet Ski, Airplane, Motorcyle and even the kid's bicycles from soap down to drying, buffing and Wax polishing!
  • HOUSEHOLD ROOMS- From Bathroom and Bedroom, Laundry Room to Kitchen! Get rid of those paper towels! The Super Shammy works on appliances, furniture, Dishes, Counter Tops, Porcelain, Floors, even Wood Trim and cabinets! Use it to wipe dry the shower after use to prevent mildew and molds!
  • OFFICE SPACE - Home Office, Corporate facility or an Industrial factory!- The Super Shammy works wonders on cleaning Cubicles, Desks, Computer Keyboards, Monitors and more!
  • WE DO WINDOWS! Yes, The shammy microfiber cleaning cloths let the sun in and leave Glass clear and clean!
  • FLOORS & CARPETS are no match for the super absorbent Shammy. No more picking soaked paper towel out of the shag carpets!
  • PETS leave mess by the food or water bowl, not to mention other places! The Super Shammy is a great washable and reuseable cleaning tool for any Dog, Cat, Bird, or any other furry, feathered or other type of family pet!

Sold elsewhere, these Shammies can range in price, up to more than $9.95 each! We offer a three-pack of the LARGE 27" by 20" "CHAMMY" for $14.95 which equals only $4.98 each, plus shipping! You would spend more for a six-pack of paper towels at the supermarket, and the Shammy is reuseable! Perfect item to have on hand in any room in the house! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!

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