Street Cars of Philadelphia, a Look at the Philadelphia Tranportation Company

Street Cars of Philadelphia - A look at the PTC!
Street Cars of Philadelphia - A look at the PTC!
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Here we offer “Men Behind the Streetcar”, an early 1930’s look at the complete operations of the Philadelphia Transportation Company (P.T.C.). This collectible video includes dozens of images, locations, and all of the different types of street cars used in the City of Brotherly Love at that time!

Included are scenes of Trolly Cars, buses, subway cars, snow removal cars, plus trackless trolleys. Behind the scenes also include images of work shops, tracks laying, maintenance, electric sub-stations, even several minor accidents, tin lizzy’s and much more!

. Perfect item or gift for any train, rail, or railroad memorabilia enthusiast as well as any automobile, car enthusiast and/or any Philadelphia resident or historian! Running Time 28 Minutes. NTSC/VHS Format. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!