New Aviation Adventure Novel "Getting Even - Eventually"

New Aviation Adventure Novel: "Getting Even - Eventually"
New Aviation Adventure Novel: "Getting Even - Eventually"
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New Aviation Adventure Novel: "Getting Even - Eventually"
Here is a brand new novel by S. Featherstone. If you are a pilot or just an aviation enthusiast, you will enjoy this This 279-page Aviation Action Adventure soft cover book, published by Cenizas Books.

“Jake McInnes is a burned out commercial pilot in search of a change. It’s time to leave his safe environment to pursue adventure and excitement. When his old friend Omar Camillo y Dalas invites him to form a bush flying company and do some flying in Sierra Madre around Durango Mexico, Jake willingly heads into the unknown."

"The newly minted company’s primary activity is the transportation of gold from one of the biggest mines in the region. Jake starts finding adventure in all the wrong places as his life takes some wild twists and turns. The question is: Once you are in so deep, is there anyway you can live to see another day. There’s only one way to find out!”

“Getting Even – Eventually” is great fun and guaranteed to fulfill everybody’s desire for adventure and excitement! Especially pilots. Perfect item or gift for that aviation, airplane, or aircraft enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!