Lockheed Electra & Douglas DC-6 Video Documentary Collection

Lockheed Electra & Douglas DC-6 Video Documentaries
Lockheed Electra & Douglas DC-6 Video Documentaries
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Here is an excellent video tape containing a collection of fantastic footage of the Lockheed Electra and a United Airlines DC-6. This 47 minute VHS/NTSC format video is two separate films combined together that make the perfect item or gift for any airline memorabilia and propliner enthusiast.

The first section, entirely about the Lockheed Electra, appears to have been a promotional film designed to put the flying public at ease and re-build confidence after a serious of in flight disasters that led to major modifications of the Electra. Such modifications are downplayed here as "design refinements" to the engine nacelles that "eliminated vibration". Spectacular footage shows several Electras air to air, at start up, take off, landing, and includes some excellent in-flight prop shots out the window. Airlines featured include American, Eastern, Braniff, Northwest, Cathay Pacific, Ansett, TAA, KLM, and Western, as well as the Company livery for a Demonstration World Tour.

Section two is a complete color documentary from 1951 by United Airlines entitled "United 6534" about several weeks in the life of United Airlines Douglas DC-6 aircraft 6534, also known as Mainliner "New York". Not only is this segment packed with fantastic interior and exterior DC-6 images, but includes much air to air camera work, detailed insight into overhaul facilities, and a wonderful "behind the scenes" look at some day to day airline operations of the time. Fly with the crew and passengers on a transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to New York with a brief stop at Chicago's Midway airport!

This is a must have for any Electra or DC-6 enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look

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