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British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1908

Ian Allan Transport Library British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1908
Ian Allan Transport Library British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1908
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With historic names such as Hawker, de Havilland, Supermarine, Avro, Handley Page and Vickers at its core, the British aviation industry has had a long history that stretches right back to the dawn of powered flight in the sky. But it has not been a story of the major manufacturers alone; there were the many pioneers who sought to develop and manufacture aircraft, often at the cutting edge of technology, whose names are now lost in time. Builders are just as important in many respects as the major companies that survived.

Without the home-grown aviation industry Britain could not have fought the Battle of Britain, it could not have taken the offensive to the German cities through the aircraft of Bomber Command and could not have been at the forefront of the development of jet propelled civil aviation. Despite this, the future of aircraft manufacturing has all too often been determined by short-term political decisions and by the relatively small scale nature of many of the companies involved.

In British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1908,. Gunter Endres provides an outline history of many of the aircraft manufacturers that have produced both civil and military aircraft in Britain. Each entry is also accompanied by a brief resume of each manufacturer’s products, which, combined with a remarkable photographic selection, give the enthusiast and aviation historian alike a concise guide to the history of aircraft building in Britain.

Hard cover, 128 pages. Perfect item or gift for any Airline Memorabilia or Military Aviation Enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!

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