Historic Sailing Ships Coloring Book

Historic Sailing Ships Coloring Book
Historic Sailing Ships Coloring Book
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The Age of Sail spread over most of man's history; with its passing passed some of the most beautiful engineering and aesthetic creations ever seen. See them sail the ocean once again, and color them as vividly brilliant as ever in this survey of historic sailing ships coloring book. 34 large illustrations (including 9 double-page spreads) show how men once went down to the sea in ships:

A Phonecian war Galley (7th century B.C.), Greek trireme (three banks of oars, 480 B.C.), Roman merchantman, Viking longboat, European carracks, Columbus' Santa Maria, Vasco da Gama's Saint Gabriel, Drake's Golden Hind, an American whaler, the clipper Cutty Sark and even a Chinese junk.

The accurate black and white line drawings executed by the Swedish art firm Tre Tryckare show such detail as cross sections, cannon, rigging, sailors at their tasks, and more. Old sea dogs and young will love the chance to recapture and embellish the great days of sail.

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