Guide to Airport Airplanes:

An illustrated handbook allowing rapid

identification by amateur observers

of airplanes flown by major airlines

Guide to Airport Airplanes
Guide to Airport Airplanes
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Product Description

From the British Aerospace Concorde to the Russian Ilyushin IL-62 to the Netherlands' Fokker F27/F50, this book covers virtually every plane flown by major airlines.

Sure to be a hit with those who love to gaze into the "wild blue yonder," Guide to Airport Airplanes allows amateur observers to easily identify these aerodynamic wonders.

A great pocket-sized book that makes it simple to identify almost every plane in the sky! Starts with a clear silhouette of each type of plane that directs the reader to the correct group and subgroup of the aircraft based on wing, engine, and fuselage characteristics.

An excellent book to take to the airport! 125 illustrations and photographs allow even casual observers to correctly identify and categorize planes.

Also includes essential information about each plane such as size, cruising speed, and distance range as well as additional facts about design and use.

Soft cover, 139 pages. 7" by 5". Perfect item or gift for any Aviation Enthusiast, beginner or expert! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!