Ford Tri-Motor Saga - Aviation VHS

Ford Tri-Motor Saga - VHS
Ford Tri-Motor Saga - VHS
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Coast to Coast in 48 Hours Fly the Ford Tri-Motor from Coast to Coast in 48 hours! Your journey starts at night on a railroad sleeper car and you transfer to the Tri-Motor for daylight flight. Cruise at the incredible speed of 80 mph as you view the splendors of the Grand Canyon. Col. Lindbergh flies alongside in a Curtiss biplane while on a routine inspection trip. Your epic journey ends when you arrive at Glendale Air Terminal to be greeted by Amelia Earhart. (B&W, sound, 19 min.)

1927 Ford Air Tours Covers the arrival of the planes at the Boston leg of the tour. Eddie Stinson in his "Detroiter," Wacos, Travel Airs and the Ford Tri-Motor. (B&W, silent, 3 min.)

Construction of the Ford Tri-Motor Follow the construction of the Ford Tri-Motor along the assembly line and watch the big bird perform on floats! (B&W, silent, 13 min.)

Daredevils of the Air Probably shot at the 1933-1935 Cleveland National Air Races. Features all the aerobatic greats. Harold Johnson performs in his Ford Tri-Motor. He loops it, spins it, rolls it, and stalls it - right off the deck! (B&W, silent, 14 min.) Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!