D-Day To Germany DVD: Rare Color Movies of Normany Landing & Liberation of Paris during World War II

D-Day To Germany DVD: Rare Color Movies of Normany Landing WWII
D-Day To Germany DVD: Rare Color Movies of Normany Landing WWII
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D-Day To Germany DVD: Rare Color Movies of Normany Landing WWII
In 1944 Jack H. Lieb, was one of several journalists who followed the Allied advance across Europe after the Normandy invasion. Working for the newsreel News of the Day, he also shot silent color footage of the Landing on Utah Beach and the Liberation of Paris with his own 16mm hand held camera. He was also my Grandfather!

By this time in his career his work as a Newsreel Cameraman already included Charles Lindbergh's daring flight to Paris in 1927, the Revolution in Nicaragua, the Great Ohio and Mississippi floods of 1937 plus two and a half years covering South, East and Central Africa in the early 1930's. Take a journey with Jack Lieb from London, across the English Channel to the beaches of Normandy then onwards into Paris on the day of Liberation. Mr. Lieb's commentary in his own voice and these rare color films (which are now both contained in National Archives holdings), create a unique, personal recollection of that momentous time.

Included is additional rare footage of the pre-invasion gathering of troops and preparations; plus personalities such as Ernie Pyle, Edward G. Robinson, Ernest Hemingway and (then General) Dwight D. Eisenhower, as well as the massive celebrations after the liberation of Paris leading towards the end of World War II! 46 Minutes. Color & Black & White. NOT RATED/WILL PLAY ALL REGIONS. Perfect Gift for any Military Historian, Veteran, or any WWII Scholar or history enthusiast! Please Scroll Down For DVD Preview and Click On Images For A Closer Look!

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