Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400 Display Aircraft Model

Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400 Display Aircraft Model
Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400 Display Aircraft Model
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Perfect item or gift for any aviation enthusiast this Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400 Airplane Model comes with a wingspan of 20 1/2" and is 24" in length - that's 2 feet long! The Continental Airlines is one of two airlines which operated the Boeing 767-400, the longest version of the 767.

The Boeing 767-400ER 's maiden flight was on October 9, 1999 and four aircraft took part in the development program. In August 29, 2000, the 767-400ER was first delivered to Continental Airlines. Boeing delivered sixteen 767-400s to Continental Airlines. Boeing 767-400ER is a stretched development of the popular 767-300ER. The Boeing 767-400's wheels, tires and brakes and its all new interior is similar and common with the Boeing 777.

The Boeing 767-400 has a cockpit crew of two pilots. It incorporates two Pratt & Whitney PW4062 and two General Electric CF6-80C2B8F. It has a maximum speed of 898 km/h and a range of 10.454 km. It features a new APU, new tailskid and increased weights.

As of September 2006, there were 38 orders for the 767-400ER and 16 orders came from Continental Airlines. This premium handcrafted vintage airliner model is constructed from treated Phillipine mahogany wood and comes with a mahogany base for special display.

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