Charles Lindbergh A Biography Soft Cover Book

Charles Lindbergh A Biography-Soft Cover Book
Charles Lindbergh A Biography-Soft Cover Book
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With his historic 1927 flight across the Atlantic in The Spirit of St. Louis, Charles A. Lindbergh became overnight one of America's most celebrated heroes. Before the flight, many doubted that he would make it across the ocean. "But there was something so confidently godlike in his demeanor," says best-selling author Leonard Mosley in this fascinating, highly readable biography, "that to some religiously minded Americans it was almost as if he were a messenger for them, carrying the Word."

On the heels of his success came worldwide adulation - although Lindbergh also had plenty of detractors, people who found him strangely aloof and enigmatic - and relentless media attention, including sensationalistic coverage of the 1932 kidnapping and murder of his baby, angry denunciations of his isolationist views at the dawn of World War II, and later, communications of his global conservation activities.

These and many other facets of the great aviator's life and times are presented in this evenhanded, well-documented account: his childhood, his days as a barnstormer and mail pilot, the flight to Paris and its aftermath, his marriage to Ann Morrow , the Hauptmann trial, his later life, and much more.

Carefully researched, brimming with colorful anecdotes, this volume is certain to delight aviation buffs, historians, and all those who love biographies. This unabridged year 2000 re publication of the work (originally published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., in 1976) is 5 3/8" by 8 1/2" in soft cover and is 470 pages. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!

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