The Big Train New York Central Video Classic Railroad Series

The Big Train New York Central Video
The Big Train New York Central Video
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This New York Central video starts with five minutes of non-stop (first generation) diesel and steam train action. A form of "coming attraction" of the two New York Central produced 1950's color documentaries included on this tape.

Our first rail documentary "The Big Train" starts at the Blue Island Yard in Chicago as the Early Bird freight train is loaded and made ready for its trip to New York. After it moves across Indiana, it stops in Ohio for a crew change, then on to New York City which is the final destination. Excellent scenes of rail yard operations, track laying equipment, and engineer (in cab) action.

The next included New York Central documentary is entitled "Clear Skies". In an attempt to cut down on smoke pullution, the New York Central produced this color film showing run-bys of Hudsons, NKP Berkshires, and B&O steam locomotives. VHS/NTSC format. Color. Running time 41 minutes. Great item or gift for any Train or Railroad Memorabilia enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!