Ford Tri-Motor Saga Aviation DVD

Ford Tri-Motor Saga Aviation DVD
Ford Tri-Motor Saga Aviation DVD
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Now on DVD for the first time, this Historic Aviation production showcases vintage footage of the Ford Tri-Motor - the "Tin Goose."

Coast to Coast in 48 Hours Fly the Ford Tri-Motor from coast to coast in 48 hours! Start at night on a railroad sleeper car then transfer to the Tri-Motor for daylight flight. Cruise over the Grand Canyon as Col. Lindbergh flies alongside in a Curtiss biplane. Finally, arrive at Glendale Air Terminal to be greeted by Amelia Earhart. (19 min.)

1927 Ford Air Tours Covers the arrival of the planes at the Boston leg of the tour. You'll view Eddie Stinson in his "Detroiter," Wacos, Travel Airs, and the Ford Tri-Motor. (3 min.)

Construction of the Ford Tri-Motor Follow the Ford Tri-Motor along the assembly line then watch the big bird perform on floats! (13 min.)

Daredevils of the Air Probably shot at the 1933-35 Cleveland National Air Races, this footage features all the aerobatic greats, including Harold Johnson in his Ford Tri-Motor. (14 min.)

B&W, silent and sound, 49 minutes total runtime. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!