Antique Automobile Advertisement Postcards

Antique Automobile Advertisement Postcards
Antique Automobile Advertisement Postcards
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With this distinctive postcard collection of 24 rare, early-twentieth-century ready to mail full color card automobile advertisements, connoisseurs of antique cars can savor the remarkable beauty and fine craftsmanship that characterized so many vehicles of the past.

Reproduced here in a unique postcard format are 24 automobile ads that appeared between 1907 and 1927 in such popular American publications as Life, The Theatre, House Beautiful, Country Life, Motor and Saturday Evening Post. Created by Edward Penfield, Louis Fancher, J.C. Leyendecker and other renowned artists, these illustrations mirrored the life-styles of potential purchasers. Ads for modestly priced vehicles portrayed middle-class Americans a work and at play. Those for luxury cars depicted chauffeurs and chic passengers in cars parked before sprawling country homes, the theater or the opera. And if the setting wasn't enough to tell readers that these cars weren't for everyone, the price tags were: $3,295 to $5,500 for a Cadillac in 1927, $6,200 for a Pierce-Arrow, and $12,000 in 1926 for a Belgian-built Delage!

Included in this collection of superb full-color reproductions: Maxwell 1912, Hudson 1914, Pierce Arrow 1920, Buick 1926, Fiat 1913, Ohio Electric 1914, Speedwell 1911, Lincoln 1927 and many more vintage cars!

Attractively reproduced on heavy-coated stock, the postcards are detachable for easy mailing. Also suitable for framing, these classic cards are sure to please lovers of antique cars, nostalgia buffs and collectors of memorabilia alike.

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