Airlines-The Early Years United, American & Lufthansa Vintage Video Documentaries

Airlines-The Early Years Vintage Video
Airlines-The Early Years Vintage Video
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Travel back in time to the beginning of airline operations in this amazing collection of four documentary short films combined into a 70 minute VHS/NTSC Format collectible video tape for the airline memorabilia and aviation enthusiast.

Section one is a black and white documentary by United Airlines just after World War II that traces back the history and Development of not only the airline, but what was the genesis of Modern Air Travel. Newsreel and promotional footage start with the original mail carrying bi-planes then quickly moves on to include great views and in-flight images of the Ford Trimotor, Boeing Model 80, the Boeing 247 and even the original triple-tail DC-4. Done in a "Time and Again" format with news and fashions of the day, this great film shows several interior cabin shots, and ends with the mighty postwar Mainliner DC-4's and "the beginning of the age of flight!"

Section two is an American Airlines B&W promotional film that has some of the most spectacular detailed footage of day to day operations in 1933 and takes passengers on a routine flight in a Curtiss Condor biplane twin engine airliner. Enjoy interior cabin views, prop shots, and in flight service as it used to be!

Part three is a very unique documentary about early operations of the German airline Lufthansa. Here is rare, collectible film footage, including in-flight and prop shots, of a mammoth Junkers G38, a mono-wing four engined "bat like" airliner first flown in 1929. This unusual airliner had forward facing windows in its huge wing roots so that passengers could get a "pilot's view" of the flight! That same year Lufthansa pioneered transatlantic airline service using a series of connecting flight with a Push-Pull propeller flying boat, the Dornier WAL. This aircraft was literally catapulted, passengers and all, off of specially designed ships! Newsreel and promotional images go into detail about this operation, followed by additional early Lufthansa history, including the Focke-Wulf FW200 Condor.

Lastly, a final section covers early Air Regulations and the functions of the CAA and the CAB and includes footage of a taxiing Northwest Boeing Stratocruiser and several Lockheed Constellations. Much coverage is devoted to the workings of air regulations and how many different forms of aviation, including air show operations, are affected. All in all this is over an hour of remarkable film for any airline enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!

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